Introducing the animal family at KP

Our animals here at King Parrot are much loved by us and guests alike!  They all have their own personality and mostly get along really well, although like all siblings they have their moments! 

Tess is the black mare.  She is the matriarch of the paddock.  Even the kangaroos pay attention when she tells them to move on!

Spike is the white pony.  He mainly follows Tess around but has his moments of puffing out his chest and telling off the other animals.  We think he is just showing off to Tess, who really doesn’t care!

The two miniature donkeys are Gypsy and Coco.  Gypsy (the white donk) will have no hesitation in nudging you for a pat.  We do need to be careful with overfeeding the animals, especially Gypsy.  Gypsy is very overweight, something that is an ongoing battle to manage.  She looks like she has been pregnant for the last few years!

Sadly we only have one alpaca now, Poncho.  Poncho has come out of her shell however and is now more confident than ever.

Paddington and Charlie, the two Scottish Highland Cows came to King Parrot in October 2022.  When they first arrived they were pretty unsettled and spooked.  They had never been in cattle yards before, let alone in a truck!  Once let out into the paddock they jumped the fence, much to our shock and horror!  They are such big heavy animals, to see them jump the fence was a real shock.  They have now settled in nicely however.  They are getting used to us more and are starting to come up to be fed.  We cannot pat them as yet but hope to be able to one day.

We have thirty ewes and plan to join them our ram, Rambo probably sometime in May, so we expect to have some lambs born in October 2023.

We have named our Ewes with the contribution of some wonderful guests! 

Sheep names

Barbara, Alma, Jan, Marg, Liz and Carol – after the beautiful Aunty’s that stay at KP every year in May! 



Shirely Temple


Lamp chop







Goldie Locks,













There is also the regular wildlife that come to visit.  There is a large male kangaroo that loves to lounge under a large gumtree near our house, we have named him Bruce.

There are regular King Parrots, some of which we can recognise.  They are very cheeky and sociable.