Our Story

It has been two years since Ryan and I became the fortunate owners of King Parrot Cottages and Event Centre, even now we still need to pinch ourselves!

We came across King Parrot by accident, although I like to say that King Parrot found us.  We used to have a shack in Forrest which we absolutely loved.  Ryan, myself, and our two sons, Taj and Zac are huge nature and adventure lovers and feel right at home in Otway Ranges.  Ryan is especially at home on the land.  Ryan grew up on a wheat/sheep farm in the Wimmera, so is most at home on a tractor and checking on the sheep!

We loved encouraging our families and friends to come to the Otways, experience nature,
create memories, and enjoy activities that bring pure joy.  During the first Covid lockdown we were thinking of how we could do this more often, then when King Parrot showed up in our feed “For Sale”, we just knew this was it perfect way for us to spread this joy and encourage others to find their love of nature and adventure.

We don’t live full time on the property yet and spend our time between Ocean Grove and King Parrot.  Our two sons, Taj and Zac, are both in high school and would like to finish their education at their current school, so we travel back and forth. 

We are lucky to have Kal and Maggie as the King Parrot Cottages Care Takers.  Kal and Maggie live onsite and work with us to maintain the land and take care of all the farm animals.  Kal is from Barwon Heads and Maggie from France.  They both love the Otways and have a deep connection to the land.

We feel very privileged to be able to share the amazing property with you and hope that you will find the peace, connection and wonder here that we have found.