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There are many and varied activities within the King Parrot grounds, nearby in the greater Otway Ranges and along the Great Ocean Road. Our near new in-ground salt water swimming pool is set in between the childrens’ playground and mini-golf course. Nearby is the Games Room with table tennis, fuse-ball, air hockey, darts and many board games. For the energetic, there are walking tracks around the valley and along Acquila Creek through the rainforest-like environment, which includes giant ferns, waterfalls and towering native trees. You can fish for yabbies in our dam at certain times of the year (equipment is provided).

Aquila Creek Walk

Aquila Creek runs diagonally across our property, from Aquila Waterfall in one corner through to our campground in the other, before joining with Pennyroyal Creek.

The rainforest environment is home to many giant ferns and huge native trees.

There is a walking track that runs the full length with 7 creek crossings along the way. Extreme care must be taken as the height of the water can vary considerably and the location is quite remote.

Animals & Wildlife

There is an abundance of wildlife at King Parrot Cottages.


You will be routinely buzzed by speedy rosella as you stroll around the property. Resident wedge-tailed eagles regularly glide over the valley, especially when an easterly breeze is blowing. Wrens, the Special Fairy Blue being very popular, kookaburras, parrots and magpies are abundant, and the keen watcher will spot many more breeds including owls, hawks, cockatoos and honeyeaters to name just a few.

Native Animals & Reptiles

We could just have easily been called Kangaroo Cottages. The roos are always around the property especially at dusk and dawn, and in greater numbers after rainfall. Echidnas nose there way around digging little holes as they go. Wallabies, skinks, frogs and lizards are plentiful.

This area is also home to a variety of venomous snakes – blacks and tigers predominantly. Care should be taken when walking anywhere outside on the property. Generally if snakes are aware of your presence they will take evasive action themselves. Aggressive action towards snakes is to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Farm Animals

Our farm animals are very popular with children. Meet Coco and Gypsy, our friendly donkeys, Finta, Poncho & Cisco, the alpacas and Rocky ("the Rockstar") the Shetland pony. Our border collies, Banjo & Mollie, are never far away and usually like to accompany guests on walks.


King Parrot is close to the world famous Great Ocean Road. A wonderful day trip can be enjoyed with a short trip to Lorne and then along the Road with its stunning cliff top sea-views. There are many tourism attractions within the greater Otway National Park. The Otway Fly treetops walk, great wineries: Gosling Creek, Blakes Estate and Dinny Goonan, Gentle Annie Berry Farm and Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm. Also well worth a visit is the amazingly beautiful Lake Elizabeth and the towns of Forrest & Birregurra (great pub meal). The list goes on and on – don’t forget to check out the Otway Harvest Trail.