Promoting Dog Safety with Wildlife and Our Farm Animals

At King Parrot Cottages and Event Centre, we celebrate the bond between humans and their canine companions. We understand the joy that comes from exploring the great outdoors with your four-legged friend by your side.  However, as stewards of this pristine environment, we also recognise the importance of preserving the delicate balance of nature and safeguarding the wildlife and farm animals that calls our surroundings home.

While we warmly welcome dogs within our premises, we’ve implemented a dog-friendly policy that prioritizes the well-being of our local wildlife, farm animals and of course our other guests.  Our aim is to create an environment where both dogs and the native flora and fauna can thrive harmoniously.

Dogs on Leads or Under Strict Voice Control

To create a safe and harmonious environment for everyone, we’ve put together some essential guidelines for the well-being of your dogs, our resident wildlife, our cherished farm animals and for the comfort of other guests.

King Parrot is not only a haven for our animals but also a home for many wild creatures. We kindly ask that you help us preserve this delicate balance by following these simple guidelines:

  • Keep your dog on a lead: When exploring the property, please keep your dog on a leash. This prevents any undue stress to our wildlife and ensures the safety of your dog as well.
  • Observe from a Distance: Encourage your dog to observe wildlife from a respectful distance. This allows animals to go about their natural behaviours without feeling threatened.
  • No Chasing: Avoid allowing your dog to chase after birds, rabbits, or any other animals. A playful chase might distress these creatures and disrupt their habitats.
  • Whilst exploring the bush walking trails throughout the King Parrot property, if your dog is well trained and has excellent recall, he/she is permitted off lead, however we do suggest that they are kept on a lead for their own safety.  It is likely that they will pick up on many unusual and exciting scents and possibly encounter a large kangaroo or even a snake.

We firmly believe that responsible dog ownership goes hand in hand with enjoying the natural beauty around us.  By adhering to our lead or voice control policy (and by picking up their poo!), you are contributing to the conservation efforts that make our area so unique and breathtaking.

Thank you for being part of King Parrot’s commitment to cultivating a space where every pawprint leaves a positive mark.  Let’s nurture a safe and nurturing environment that resonates with the harmony of nature, friendship, and discovery.

** Please note that we are surrounded by the Otway National Park.  Dogs are not permitted in the Otway National Park.  We have a list of dog friendly walks in the area in your cottage folder.